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Getting back to work after Cancer sparks debate!

If you have read my post - What maternity? And getting back to work after Cancer - then the Telegraph Women's page has kindly added a further interview here.It seems it's a common theme with many people feeling discriminated against when going back to work post sickness. Have a look here for the full interview! screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-19-09-54 THE MOR CHARITY SWEATSHIRT - LAUNCHING SOON!! We'll also this month be launching our charity sweat, hoping to raise funds and awareness for #BreastCancer and #BreastCancerResearch. The neon pink stylish MOR text on ash grey sweater has been designed and printed in the UK. Scandinavian Chic! MOR means MOTHER in Danish, so get your scandi on and order one now. Boyfriend Style. img_4707 All profits from our Sweat will go to the following Charities! @royalmarsden @BCCare @breastcancernow Please note delivery will take 10-14 days  
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5 Ways to be more you! #mammarocks

more youParental blues, general brain-fry, the only way is coffee fuelled mornings, trying to get back to some sort of normal work mode, whatever it is that makes you feel like your eyes are on stalks and you've run out of steam we're all very much, as the wonderful @selfishmother rightly says "Winging it". But how do you manage all of the above and still feel like yourself? You're a mother now and that changes things. For me I absolutely adore it, but I also like working and having some version of independence. I'm freelance so it works for me, but its taken time to feel like it's ok, it's the right thing to do, I can still do it, I am still me, I have my good old confidence by my side and all the other emotions that go with it... I've had a fair few other things on my plate as some of you already know and finding the old me has actually been quite tricky. Getting on with it not such a problem, but getting on with it as me? Well that's something altogether different. So what can you do to help you be you? 1 - Dress like you mean it! One of the biggest things I struggle with every day is with what to wear and feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing. Finding new things that work with my new body shape, all the while desperate to embrace the new me, the 'supposedly' confident me, the me I always wanted to be and never had the guts to be me. I have the best excuse in the world. It's fuck cancer and fuck you if you think I look stupid. It's I want that tattoo and I'm gonna get that tattoo, it's so what if I have my hair pink today and bleached tomorrow? I'm still learning to do it. Some day's I'm there, others I'm not, so here's what to do on the not so days. Look in your wardrobe and pick out an über outfit. Go for something fun, something you're saving for best, something you think you should only wear on a special occasion. Slap it on and instantly feel good! If it's sparkly, team it with a fun T or trainers. If it's bright and patterned, add plain accessories. Whatever it is, just go for it! You're dressing for yourself, not anyone else. dress2 - Bright Lipstick On the dullest of days, the days when it's hard to get out of bed with a smile, you've got your flip flops on and you're still in your joggers then just do this. The quickest and easiest way to be more you, feel more you and lighten up, is to put on the best bright lippy you've got. I swear to you with each glimpse of yourself in the mirror you'll soon feel brighter and happier and able to get on with your day. My personal faves are a Red: Mac's Rooby Woo, Orange: Mac's Morange, Pink: Kate Moss Rimmel London Hot Pink.lipstick3 - Stay in the moment There's a great saying by ancient philosopher and writer Lao Tzu, "If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace you are living in the present". I think that sums it up pretty well. Just breathe and be happy being you. It's you're secret weapon. 4 - Treat yourself Be pamper productive. I don't mean to give you all absolute permission to go splash out if you actually cant' afford it, but find a way to pamper yourself today and remind yourself of being you. Give yourself a little lift. No doubt being a mum you've earned it, so why the hell not? Anything that's just for you is definitely a good way to feel more you. Get your nails done, buy an uplifting smelly candle, (I love anything zesty with grapefruit or lemon) even have a luxurious bath (preferably accompanied by a large glass of wine) Just take a little time out and get back to a relaxed you. pines 5 - LAUGH and be good to yourself The final trick is not to beat yourself up. If you're already feeling bad about something, why add insult to injury? It's good to stop kicking yourself in the teeth for not doing it right all the time. Who cares, quite honestly a lot fewer than you might think, and those that do are not worth having on the listening to list! Ignore any bad thoughts and go out there and have a laugh. It's widely reported that laugher is the best medicine. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away, and it's infectious too. Do something fun and feel better! suck png
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Rayas Main   less is moreKeep your package cosy in this Grey Cardigan by Acne,  and for achey feet these trainers do the trick without compromising on style. Black sneakers with white soles, also by Acne. Silver trainers by Nike.  ¢#acne #trainers #nike #lessismore monki on my back Black and White striped dresses both by Monki and both baggy enough to go over your bump! I wore a lot of Monki clothes during my pregnancy as they come in great A-line shapes and baggy around the tummy area. #monki #maternity #stripes  kissy jeans  I searched high and low for good Maternity Jeans but I have to say that one of my faves are these Dr Denim stretch Jeans. They aren't officially Maternity Jeans but I wore these comfortably until I was 6 months pregnant. They are supers stretchy so are really easy to wear and the kissy kissy style sits nicely under the bump. I am still wearing them now, a year postpartum! Ideal! #maternityjeans #drdenim #love #kissykissystories Complete the look with super cool yet simple accessories. Backpack in black by & other stories (an essential new mum item) Black interlocking necklace and Black Scarf both by Cos. #scandiessentials #backpack #graphical #cos #stories the Lips Complete the look with luscious lips. Think Candy Apple for this seasons shade of red. A good fit is Melton Sunset by & Other Stories. #lipstick #red #candyapple #melsonsunset #stories #love #spring
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Coatigans and Capes are back on the high street

The weather is changing so keep the wind out with one of these cosy, comfy throw overs. I've founds some amazing options on the high street that won't break the bank. Coatigans, Capes, Cardi-coats and big jumpers... It's a yes from me! poncho 1 1. Gorgeous Poncho via toovia |  2. Naf Naf sweater cape via Next |  3. Snuggly Roll Neck Cape sweater from Zara. coatogan 1 Always a fan of the Coatigan |  4. Flyffy coat via Watchabuy |  Delicious Coatigan also from Zara. street style 1 Love these looks, Add stripes underneath to keep you cosy.  
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2015 A roundup.

enjoy today

things I lost in 2015 my iphone 6 my hair my breasts my short-term memory (and occasionally my marbles) my social life / ability to drink red wine well!

things I gained in 2015
our beautiful baby daughter whom we could not love more!! our love for one another through thick and thin so much kindness, love and support from all our family and friends a little bit of weight a lifetime still ahead of me fuckit
thank you 2015, it's been tough!
hello 2016! I'm coming to get you!
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