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BOdeBO is a playful, contemporary, french, kids clothing brand. If you like a polka dots then this brand will send you dotty. (Get it) Seriously though, I absolutely love the bright colours and easy to wear designs. The company was launched by the designer herself Ana Ramirez in 2005 who as a mum herself, was sparked into action when she couldn't find the clothing style she wanted for her own kids. BOdeBO is made 100% by hand in France. Forget convention, this is a brand that has fun and adventure written all over it. I can't wait to order something for Lux! bode1 bode-2 bodebo-fr-kids-style-monmum-blog
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Be a kid and be kind, Loving all things Kid + Kind!

I've always been a fan of the romper, but these from Kid + Kind carry the best slogans and look soooo comfy. The more I see the more I love! Check out the mini painter smock too - LUSH-AMAZE! uh-oh-grey-kid-kind-romper-via-monmum-blog bananas-kid-kind-t-for-monmumblog finger-painter-kid-kind-monmumblog i-lkie-you-a-lot-t-kid-kins-monmum-blog its-good-to-be-me-sweat-kid-kind-monmumblog IT"S GOOD TO BE A KID AND IT"S GOOD TO BE KIND! YEAH! #LOVE #STYLETOMATCHYOURLIFE #KIDSSTYLE XXX
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House beds, teepees & cabin beds, there are many varieties of dream pens for kids out there but here are some that I consider to be the coolest for our kiddies. Some you could even make yourself if you're feeling like a DIY weekend? house bed this little love  Source: The gorgeous this little love .au aluminium lightweight yet very sturdy house bed frame in black. (more options av.) igloo bed 2 Source: Lake Kids and young creative igloo styled floating cabin bed  via rosie bed 3 Source: Who doesn't love Rosie? Black cabin bed Via Gwentibold. cabin bed Source: Lake Kids and young amazing floating cabin bed via  house head bed Source: Stuffdot. Easy to DIY if you're talented in that department. house bed kids mommo Source: Amazing set design - mdf Bed via pale blue bed Source: Also from this little love .au in pale blue blue bed framw Source: Love this set style by Jenni Juurinen with added chimney  tee pee bed Source: IN LOVE with this Tee Pee Cabin Bed from Danish Designer WOOOD.
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kids can jog!

Loving these cool and collected. comfort is king outfits! If they did them in my size I would happily wear them too. Weirdly what's great as well is that  they look kid like on the kids and yet they would not look childlike on adults! #genius x kids jogg 1. T-shirt Pax and Heart & Jacket by Hema.nl see more @ lifewithfayeblog teamed here with skinnies, big boots and beanie! 2. This is my fave - a cool runaround! i mean um duhhh! It's a no brainer! Found at petiteandsmall.com but by Rags apparel USA. 3. Pockets, Zips, tapered half way, simply awesome! From brickyardbuffalo. I mean even that is awesome! 4. I need not say much more on this one me thinks. It is, what it is! It's a Yes from me! Via wehearit.
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Save Syrias Children - The worst Humanitarian Crisis since World War II

The image that rocked the world! The ripples are still being felt everywhere not least among some of us mum bloggers. So here I join you all in sharing my voice on this sad and shocking headline and looking at the escalating crisis.
It was the image that made us stand up and listen and although the shock may be dissolving, the sadness and refugee crisis is far from reducing. In fact with recent boarder gates being broken and new routes being found, it's actually gathering pace at breakneck speed.
Do we all go back to our normal lives and hope the problem goes away? Or do we still realise how lucky we are when we kiss our beautiful children good night and tuck them up in a warm safe bed, far from harm?
It pains me to see my daughter in even the tiniest amount of pain, be it teething or wind or any manner of things, so when I imagine the heartache of the father who thought he was bringing his children to a safer place, to a better life and losing them in such a way. A way in which I am sure he now blames himself for. A tragedy that I could not myself bear. To run from hell and hope for a better future, only to be met with a new kind of hell. And he, Aylan Kurdi and his older brother are not the only ones.
Tensions and frustrations are reaching boiling point and I for one cannot simply sit and do nothing.
Save the Children’s #SaveSyriasChildren campaign to donate £5 please text SYRIA to 70008 or any other charity helping Syria.
#savesyriaschildren #itcouldhavebeenus
syria infographic
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