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Style out your bump with the new Shirt dress oh yes

Forget tunics (let's leave them behind in ancient Rome where they belong) for it's the hour of the #shirtdress and how convenient if you've got a little bump protruding from your body because now you don't just have a general glow about you, you can also be totes #ontrend! Shirt dresses mih shirt dress shirt dresses 2   Head to TopShop, Raquel Allegra, Plumo and Wonhundred for your shift, shirt action!  
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Hot Brand: gorgeous maternity wear by queen mum

Latest style find!

queen mum 6

queen mum 5

Queen Mum

Absolutely love this brand from the Netherlands called QueenMum. Some styles and brands I have seen can get is so wrong and often look a little 'dowdy' but Queen Mum seem to have got it spot on! Super sexy, totally on trend and bump friendly.

More of their collection can be found here... 

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